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i want the focus to mbno in messagedlg box
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Mohammed NasmanSoftware Developer


  I think that's not possible with MessageDlg, use MessageBox instead of it

    MessageBox(Handle,' Do you want to exist', 'warning', MB_YesNoCancel + MB_DefButton2 + MB_ICONInformation);

  refer to win 32 sdk help for more information

Best regards
Mohammed Nasman

Create your MessageBox with :

CreateMessageDialog(const Msg: string; DlgType: TMsgDlgType;
  Buttons: TMsgDlgButtons): TForm;

You get back the Form from the MessageBox. Then you can iterate over the Buttons (Components) on the Form.
The Buttons are Named like: ButtonNames: array[TMsgDlgBtn] of string = ('Yes', 'No', 'OK', 'Cancel', 'Abort', 'Retry', 'Ignore', 'All', 'NoToAll',
    'YesToAll', 'Help');

If you have retrieved the Button likely with:
btn := BoxForm.FindComponent('CANCEL');
you can call btn.SetFocus;

At least you must show the Dialog with Showmodal!

HTH Frank

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