Domain security via winbind?

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I want to run my Linux server (RedHat v8.0) as a fileserver for Windows NT/2000/XP clients.  These clients are part of a Windows domain.  I want the authentication (users/groups) to go against the Windows PDC . . . without creating corresponding userIDs and groups on the Linux system (there would be quite a few users).  It seems that some people were doing this with winbindd and pam_ntdom previously, but pam_ntdom has been pulled from the Samba mirrors due to security holes.  Is there an alternative to use which will give the same functionality?
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Winbind still works and is still included with the latest release of Samba

The module now used for lookups is

Check this URL out for instructions for setting up winbind to authenticate NT domain users

I have set this up and can use NT domain users to authenticate and access the system.
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Have you not got this working yet?

The link gives instructions on all the files needed to be modified in order to get this to work.

Post back if you do not have this working and need further instruction.
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Actually, no.  The URL is a dead link.  I attempted to configure using various "how-to's" at the time, but to no avail.  However, I did find the following link which seems to be more up-to-date:

These instructions are for Red Hat 7.1.  I am using Red Hat 8.0 in a Windows NT 4.0 domain.  This domain will be converted to an Active Directory environment in a year or so.  Do you recommend a WINBIND solution in my situation?
I am not sure about Winbind connecting to AD. I have not tried this yet.

It definately works for connecting to a NT4 domain controller.

From memory these are the things that need to be done.


security = domain
workgroup = <domainname>
password server = <PDC> <BDC>
winbind separator = +
winbind uid = 10000-20000
winbind gid = 10000-20000
winbind enum users = yes
winbind enum groups = yes
template homedir = /home/winnt/%D/%U
template shell = /bin/bash
winbind use default domain = yes

Edit /etc/pam.d/login

add the following lines

auth sufficient /lib/security/
auth sufficient /lib/security/ use_first_pass

account sufficient /lib/security/

Edit /etc/nsswitch

passwd:  files  winbind
shadow:  files
group:  files winbind

Restart the machine - a restart of SMB + winbind + NMB should be all that is required, also make sure these services are installed and running

Add the machine to your domain

smbpasswd -j <DOMAIN> -r <PDC> -UAdministrator%password

This should be successful and now try logging onto a console using your domain password

login: <domain>+<user>                                 the + is the domain separator you specified in smb.conf
password: <network password>

See how you go with this.
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Thanks neobilly . . . your clarification resulted in a successful configuration of WinBind.

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