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Is there a way to determine the subnet mask of the machine in Java code? InetAddress.getLocalHost() gives only the IP address, can I get the subnet too somehow?

If the machine is multi-homed, then can I get a list of ALL (ip,subnet) pairs?

Thanks a tonne,

-- Asim
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Hello asim,

via Java and especially the - package you can only access the information of your machine you are allowed to access from the virtual machine. The subnet-mask or other interfaces are not read by the virtual machine.
If you do need this information urgently, you could anyway start a program on your machine which gives you the information via "Runtime.getRuntime().exec(...)".
The programs which will help you here are "ipconfig" on Windows-, "ifconfig" on Unix/Linux- machines.

Hope this helps

with jdk 1.4, you can get all ip addresses of local machine, but you still cannot get netmask. exec() or JNI is your friend.

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