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How to change drive letter, I have 1hard disk and partitioned as C and D, and a CDROM drive as E, I want change drive letter for CDROM ad D and second partition of dis drive as E, thank you for attention
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  I think that's not possible with Win 98, if you have win NT/2000/XP then you could do that easily

I believe Partition Magic is the answer you are seeking.

Use Partition Magic (Version 6) to "convert primary to logical" on the SECOND drive.

Then, DOS will:
* assign 'C:' to the "primary" partition on the first drive;
* find *NO* "primary" partition on the second drive,
so will *NOT* assign 'D:' (just yet)
* assign 'D:' to the "logical" partition on the first drive;
* assign 'E:' to the "logical" partition on the second drive.

Or, without using Partition Magic:
* delete all the partitions on the SECOND drive
* create a one-cylinder "primary" partition on the SECOND drive
* create a maximum-size "logical" partition on the SECOND drive
* FORMAT the one-cylinder partition
* FORMAT the maximum-size partition
* use FDISK to delete the one-cylinder partition.

You end up "wasting" one cylinder (8M to 16MB) of disk-space,
but you again end-up with a drive _WITHOUT_ a primary partition.

It's none of my business, of course, but I'm curious. Why do you want to do this? If you later want to install apps to the secondary hard drive, it will be less convenient than if you leave it as D:. You will probably also have to reinstall some apps if you already have some there.

If you don't have Partition Magic or a similar app, you can probably also reassign the drive letter from Control Panel > System. I haven't done this with a HDD, but have done it a few times with CDs and tape drives when they defaulted to an inconvenient letter such as M:. I'm currently booted to XP, so I can't give you the exact keystrokes, but on the Device Manager tab, select the secondary drive that you want to change, choose Properties, and on one of the tabs you can limit the drive designation range for the device. Set the minimum and maximum to E:. In case there is a problem, write down current settings before you make any changes so you can reverse anything you change. Make similar changes for the CDR to set is as D:, then reboot. You should also change the boot sequence in your BIOS so that you have the option to boot from the CDR on D. The new boot sequence should probably be D A C.
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Reassigning with a hard drive doesn't work like it does with a CD, CDRW, or ZIP drive.
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see here for info on how windows assigns drive letters;en-us;51978
May I suggest yuou change the cd drive letter to some higher letter (like Q) that way should you install andother drive, or create more partitions, you won't have to change it
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PM was probably the solution used.

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