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What program should I use to cut the large picture into pieces ? and how can I combine it ? (I have tried to use photoshop to cut the picture into pieces and then use the frontpage to combine it.. seems that I have failed, I found that there is a line between the two pictures)
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post your code, we will eliminate the line that seems to appear..      :o)


no code, the main problem is that I can't cut the big picture properly so I can't combine the picture perfectly... is there any program to solve this problem ?

I dont understand what you want to combine it for. Is it for an image map? I could help with that.
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If the issue is in the use of the paint program you are attempting to slice the image in. Then all you need to do is pay particlar attention to the coordinates that you are cutting the image at. Let say the first part is 0,0, to 200, 320 the when you cut the second part make sure your starting coordinate is 200, 0 thru the balance of the image.

Macromedia's FireWorks is a prgram that allows you among other things to easily and accurately slice an image and save the opieces as individual images which can be pieced back together seamlessly
There is a program called Handy Image Mapper (freeware-354k).  I use this to make my image maps.  I have it available on my web page at:

  Hope this helps.  If you wanted to cut up your images for use on the web I also have a program called splitz(freeware-348k) on the same page (right below it the other program) that does just this.  Both programs copy the code to clipboard for easy copy/paste.

Please if you want, send me that picture, I will do it.
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since you have photoshop handy.. try using the slice tool if you're not a coder then this will prolly work for you.

1. slice 'em then dice em..
2. goto file, save for web
3. select all slices then save
4. Save as type: html
5. choose folder you want to save it in then hit save

hope that help..

Photoshop is a lot less intuitive than its companion piece, Adobe ImageReady.

1. Open ImageReady.
2. File --> Open the image file.
3. Slices --> Divide Slice..., and select how you want the image divided.
4. File --> Save Optimized As... Save as Type, "HTML and Images," select a folder and page name.


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