Controling tabs within a datagrid

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I'd like to prevent certain columns in a datagrid from being included when the user cycles through cells using the tab button (The equivalent of setting the tabstop property to false, but just for an individual column).  Is there any way to do this?

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Hello Measu,

you could try to set the Column.Locked property, unfortunately if you are tabbing between cells the Tabstop still occurs on the locked column, however, in  the rowcolchange event you can see if you are on that particular cell and  use a SendKeys "{Tab}" thich will tab off of the cell



Thanks Bruintje!
I have used the keypress event and an "if KeyAscii = 9 then..." statement to get control over what has caused the column change and then set the col and row properties to what's required.  Many thanks for the help.

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