How do I correct OLE Registration Error  in Outlook 2000 startup?

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After getting the friendsgreeting virus I made several attempts to solve the issue before finding how to correct that problem.  In my efforts, I updated WIN 98 system with MS Office 2000 to the latest SR's for Office 2000. I updated IE to IE 6.0.  

Outlook was running before, but now stops with "OLE Registration Error ...program not correctly installed, ...Run Setup again for the program."
I can't run Outlook setup again from my CD's since the SR's were downloaded.  The CD setup says I have a newer version installed already.

What is the OLE registration error, How do I correct it?
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Hello Niaimani,

pretty messed up what i would do is

-uninstall offce completely
-run the remover;en-us;q238413
-then cleanup the temp dir
-then install from cd
-install the SR patches



I have looked at the microsoft reference.  My Windows installer is version 2.0.2600.2 which means the remover is not supported for my system.

Can I just do the uninstall from add/remove programs in settings/control panel/..?

Thanks for the suggestion.

This error normally means that Outlook Express is broken.  Try opening Outlook Express and see if you get an error, and if so post it back here ( it is a required component for Outlook 2000 ).

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Hi Traval

Yes Outlook Express is also broken  (Can't load MSOE.dll, which I have downloaded again, etc, but no joy)

I didn't want to clutter the issue thinking I had two different problems.

Thanks for your help
Reinstall latest version of IE/OE using these steps:

1.  Go to START->FIND and search for "Windows Update Setup Files" (w/o quotes) and delete any FOLDERS you find titled this.  Make sure you are searching entire hard drive.
2.  Reinstall IE/OE from
3.  If prompted during the installation, choose "reinstall all components"
4.  Reboot computer after installation complete and try opening Outlook Express.
5.  If Outlook Express starts without error try opening Outlook to see if you get error there.


Hi Traval

Thank you.  I did have an older Windows windows update setup folder (I'm not even sure what it was for)  Both Outlook Express and Outlook are now running.

Glad to hear it's fixed.  

FYI the "Windows Update Setup Files" is where the files for IE/OE setup are stored on your computer during the download, and then where the install is from.  

If these files were corrupted during download, causing the problem, when you reinstall it will attempt to install from that folder again if it is there.  So deleting the folder forces setup to download these files again.

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