should I download J2EE or just J2SE?

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I´m using starting to build JSP pages using Tomcat. I have J2SE at the mo but I cannot find a lot of the classes I need like the JAVAMAIL API and other API´s. Should I just install J2EE instead? What are the disadvantages/main differences with J2EE over J2SE?


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You really can't compare J2EE over or vs J2SE.

J2SE is the standard java development kit you need if you want to develop Java programs.

J2EE contains all the stuff if you want to develop enterprise applications using web interfaces (Servlets, JSP), distributed components (EJBs) and stuff like JavaMail.

J2SE is the base, you always need it. J2EE you can see as an "add-on", you only need it for a special sort of applications (enterprise applications).

J2EE complements J2SE.

I would absolutely download J2EE and play around with its APIs.  Please Note that Tomcat may not have the latest J2EE jar so be aware of what API you are using in development vs what can be used via tomcat.

You can just use the Jar included with Tomcat itself.

1. you always need j2se.
2. j2ee comes with it's own copy of Tomcat as its servlet engine for servlet/jsp
3. in addition, j2ee includes EJB container and other apis like jms, javamail jndi and etc.
4. if you just want to stick with tomcat, you can download javamail only from sun:
Mick BarryJava Developer
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tomcat also includes javamail, JNDI etc.

Downloading j2ee is probably a good idea, or at least the documentation.
You can get away without by using the relevant jars from your tomcat installation: servlet.jar, mail.jar, jdni.jar etc.


Thanks very useful, I have been playing about with JSP pages, but never realised that JSEE was just all the API included!

Thanks, very helpful


Glad I could help and Thanx for the "A"


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