Excel: protect workbook disables spell check?

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I have run into a snag and I do not know if it is solvable or not.  I have an Excel Spreadsheet where some of the cells are locked and others are not.
As you know, to enable the locked cell, the worksheet must be protected.
However, I discovered that the minute you protect the sheet, spell check on the unlocked cells in not available.  Has anyone had a problem with this and
did you find a solution (other than unprotecting the sheet) to enable a partial spell check.  Auto correct does not seem to work once it is protected either.  Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Jeanetta
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Hello Jeanetta,

This question came up earlier this week, in vb i guess haven't seen anything there

you could try this procedure, which protects the user interface only, and opens the Spelling dialog box:

Sub mySpellCheck()
   With ActiveSheet
     .Unprotect Password:="password"
     .Protect Password:="password", _
       DrawingObjects:=True, _
       Contents:=True, _
       Scenarios:=True, _
   End With
End Sub




this will work - thanks!
(It seems to be so easy, how had I not came to it? :)) )


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