A error keeps poping up on start up

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I got 3d studio max about 1 month ago and it worked fine but now i get this error up http://www.majin-trunks.com/3dsmprob.jpg i tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no luck, if you can help i would be so happy, thanx
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Well, license error to me sounds like for some reason, your software is acting like you pirated it.. I.E. the registration key is not working, etc.. did this by any chance happen after a product update? you may now have code in your registry that says that the copy you have is "not licensed" -- if your version is completely legit, then you will probably want to inform the authors that this problem is occuring, and they may have to guide you through a registry fix.


Under certain circumstances, the software lock components might not get installed properly. If after you install 3ds max 5, you get errors [7.1.29] or [19.1.93] when starting the program, it is an indication that the software lock components are not running. First, try rebooting the machine. If that fails, make sure (under Microsoft® Windows NT or Windows 2000) that you are logged on as Administrator of the computer, and then (1) Go to the folder labeled \3dsmax5\swl and run cdsetup.exe; (2) click Install; (3) when the installation is complete, click Exit and reboot before launching 3ds max again.
hey !

Do You recall removing or uninstalling C_Dilla ?
if you installed in C: , C_dilla is installed in c:\C_dilla.
this is the license management system for 3dsMax and should not be removed for the application to work properly
i think removing the software and reinstalling should do the trick in such a case.

hope this helps.


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