How to create a flash movie from a Corel draw file? new user

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I got a cdr file that was used to make an introduction flass movie in a website, I want to edit the movie but don't have the file needed to do it. Any ideas?
Step by step will be great

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Do you want to use the CDR file? If so, do you have graphics software to open the CDR file?

The CDR file contains only a (1) picture right?

Or do you want to open and edit a protected flash file (SWF)?
Also... there is a option tracebitmap in Flash. Import image file and select it. Select in menu 'Modify', Trace Bitmap. Now your image is a vector drawing.

Best would be to have the CDR file exported by graphics software to an EPS file. This EPS can directly be imported into Flash.


Hello Dutchfoxer

the cdr is broken up in different pieces, like text and graphics, I guess it was exported, don't know what format, then from then the movie was made in flash. What happes is that the index page has the movie plus some navigation buttons at the botom of the page. I want to redo the movie so only it shows at the beginning and then us the geturl for it to got to the first page.

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So you have a SWF file and a CDR file? And you want to remove the buttons from the SWF file and add an action "getUrl", right?

You do not have the .FLA file of this movie? Import the SWF file in Flash. Does this give an error, then use unlockSWF to remove the protection-flag.

Downloadable at:

I do not think a CDR file contains a flash movie, it does the elements like logo's or other images.

The SWF contains the actual animation. When importing the SWF file into  Flash the movie will contain many keyframes on 1 layer... very hard to redo a movie this way. You would need the FLA file for the complete animation.

With the elements from the CDR file you could rebuild the movie, or is it a really complex movie? Could you show it?


I know it was made from the cdr file

I am looking how to put it up on the server so you could see it, (download it), I would love to rebuild the movie, I don't think is complex but it is something like on the following site, only that the one I got loads with the navigation buttons at the botton.
I looked at the link, this type of animation should be easy to rebuild.

Correction: an error on my part. Coreldraw 10 R.A.V.E. does create Flash animations. It enables Corel users to have an Corel interface and to build Flash movies.

Too bad… Once your work is done in Corel you can export your new animation to the SVG or Flash (SWF) format. However you can’t open the code of a flash film (FLA).

So concluding: you would need Coreldraw to edit the Flash animation build with CorelDraw.

So these are your options:

- buy/borrow the CorelDraw10 program with which the flash was created, and edit your CDR containing the animation

- Crack the original SWF file and import it into Macromedia flash, and then rebuild only the intro-animation by using the elements in the cracked-original SWF

- Find a way to get the important elements (like logo, special graphics, etc) out of the CDR file and import these into Macromedia Flash to be able to, again, rebuild the flash Intro

Good luck.

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