Dijktra's and Floyd's algorithms and multimap

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There is alot on the web about Dijktra's and Floyd's algorithm, but I am trying to implement one of the two algorithms on a multimap ADT (MSVisualC++ 6.0) and i can't find any examples and i don't know if it will work on a multimap with multiple keys.  any help out there?
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Not certain that I understand your question. I assume that

Floyd's Algorithm: finding the shortest path between two vertices.

Dijkstra's algorithm: finding the shortest path between two vertices in a graph. It functions by constructing a shortest-path tree from the initial vertex to every other vertex in the graph.

Okay, so you want to find the shortest path between two vertices where your data is encoded in a multimap which allows for duplicate keys? I must not understand your question. Yes, you can code this algorithm using a multimap if you desire. Not certain what you will use as the key/value pairs...


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