Win95 boot problem

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When I boot my compaq laptop, it come up,
No Language DLLs found"

No language directories found!
Nor did I find a DLL matching the current win.ini sLanguage setting."

I hit enter to continue booting and everything seems normal after that.  How can I eliminate this problem?
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This is a proprietary file so it seems.  You may need to reinstall this file from the manufacturer provided disk.

This error occurs when one of two executable files in the system.sav
folder is run. The two files, CIA.EXE and CIA2.EXE are used in the
QuickRestore process only. When run as part of the QuickRestore process
no error messages are generated, but they cannot be double clicked on at
other times.

To resolve the error message:

1. Click on Start, Run, and type in "sysedit" (without quotemarks) then
hit OK.
2. Close the windows until you see the WIN.INI file.
3. Delete any references to either of the above two files in any "Load"
or "Run" lines in the file.
4. Save changes to the file and exit SYSEDIT.
5. Reboot the computer. The error messages should not reoccur.

If you still face the problem, rebuilt the Win.ini as per the steps
given below:

1. Click Start
2. Click Shutdown
3. Choose to restart the computer in MS-DOS mode and click ok.

Once at the MS-DOS prompt type the following to restore the win.ini:

cd\windows <press enter>
ren win.ini <press enter>

If after attempting to rename the win.ini you receive File not found
continue to follow the below steps.

ren win.--- win.ini <press enter>

If after attempting to type the above command you receive file not found

follow the below instructions, if you do not receive a message your
win.ini should be restored to its original state.

dir win.*

If you see a file other then or such as win.bak or
win.000 follow the above instructions however replace the --- for the
appropriate extension on your computer.

The above steps will solve the problem you are facing.

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