my computer stops and some times I can't even reset  it ...

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my computer stops and some times I can't even reset  it by pushing reset buton,I should power it off and on and boot again,I have examined all cards ,except mother board and cpu,mother board is 6310 and cpu is celeronII 500.

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The computer can freeze for the following reasons.
Two programs are trying to access or change a file at the same time.

Network stops responding, or is not responding correctly.

Hardware is failing.

Start by checking what programs are running by holding down  the ctrl + alt keys, and press the delete key once.

This will launch the task manager.  Highlight a program, and click on end task button to stop the program.

Take note of which program unfreezes the system when its halted.

If its hardware related unplug and reseat any removeable hardware.

If its network related, you may have to reinstall tcp/ip. It doesnt happen very often, but sometimes the tcp/ip stack gets corrupted.

My first guess would be heat buildup.  Try running it with the case open and a small room fan blowing on it.  Does it run well?  If so, you have a cooling problem.
Another thing I have experienced with lockups is a faulty video card/driver.  Try a different video card.  Does that help?

I would agree with tatsnice.  I would firs start with reseating the RAM.
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Take your computer to a nearby shop and ask them to check your power supply for you i should think that the problem lies in your power supply seeing as your pc does not want to restart when you push the reset button. But then the freexing of your pc makes me think that there is other problem so if i were you i would first do a full scan on your hard-drive.

Yes I know the problem
The problem is with the power but it could be in the PowerSupply or in the motherboard. If you have another power supply try to change it, if it will still freeze the problem lies on the motherboards.
Usually the problem is coused by supplying to little power to the CPU. You can solve the problem also by changing voltage on the CPU and slowing down the CPU clock.


I have to disagree.  These symptoms can be due to a variety of things.  I have seen this from overheating, as slink9 said, I have seen it with improperly seated AGP, I have seen it with memory that needs to be reseated, as well as bad memory, and I have seen it with the IDE connection to the HD not perfect (it may look fine, but making sure it is tight as possible can fix the problem - but this is usually accompanied by some clicking).  

The first thing I would do is reseat the memory.  you can also test it

Yes the PS can be the cause, but it's much easier to test all of this first, before you take it to a shop and blow your $$$.


Thank you all friends for your replies,
Dear Tatsnice, I have this problem even when booting starts,so here there isn't any problem of accessing a file
by two programs.
I have tried also working with minimum hardware ,no difference.
Dear slink9: My computer has been always open case during these days:) because of that problem,hanging occures even
when the pc is cool (at the beggining of work).
I have also checked another video card,no difference.
Dear Gothmoq: I have also guessed that the power supply may be the reason of problem,but the hardware replacement
will be my last step.
Dear Bafi: I will check slowing down the cpu clock.
Dear reduakm: I have experienced most of what you said,some times I have been able to restart the pc(while
simple restart botton pushing didn't respond)by some knockings on vga card or ram card,but this led me
to conclude that this is motherboard problem.
By the way ,I did testing by "memtest86",It showed errors at steps,1(errors=7),2(err.=2),3(err=38),4(err=179),
6(err=1),7(err=9),what do you recommend now?


If you have tried it with a minimal system (only hard drive, video, memory, and CPU) then it is one of those components or the mobo itself.  Now you need to eliminate each of those by swapping it out and testing it.  Have you swapped the memory?  Tried another hard drive?

In this case it does sound like you have a memory problem.
As slink9 says swap the memory sticks or rotate them if you have enough(some need to be in pairs)

Also check make sure that the memory sticks are compatible with each other.

It helps that they are the same brand, have the same chips.
Also be sure that you are not mixing your ram with synchronous or asynchronous.

Have you tried to boot the system into DOS?
I would suggest this only to eliminate Windows causing your system to stop.


thank you very much all friends,
the memory card was the cause of problem ,I replaced it and the problem is solved.
thank you again

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