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Hi Friends,

I'm developing an application with VB+SS7 and using CrystalReports 8.5 for Reporting. I created StoredProcedures with Prameters and I use these SPs for my Report. I have a common form in VB which will accept the parameter for all my CR. When the user enter the information in first form and click okay, it will display another form which contain CRViewer. Below is my code. After I run my report, it generate 2 errors.
1. Server has not yet been opened. (But when I run the report form CR, it works fine.)
2. The value/Range you are adding has already existed

Below is my code from VB. Please help me to resolve this issue.
                crxApplication.LogOnServer "p2sodbc.dll", "SOFT2", "famDB", "ancyjohn", "harpin"
Set crxReport = crxApplication.OpenReport("D:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98\final\rpTest.rpt")
crxReport.ParameterFields.Item(1).AddCurrentValue (""" & Left(cboReport, 1) & """)
crxReport.ParameterFields.Item(2).AddCurrentValue (""" & mskFromDt.Text & """)
crxReport.ParameterFields.Item(3).AddCurrentValue (""" & mskToDt.Text & """)
frmViewerForm.CRViewer1.ReportSource = crxReport

Thanks & Regards
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Try to convert database driver of crystal report from p2odbc.dll to p2ssql.dll. (In crystal reports Menu, go to database menu item and from the drop down menu item select convert database driver..

If you have built the report with one mechanism and trying to log on with other type of mechanism, then you will be getting error "server has not yet opened".
if you are familiar with crystal ocx then it is more easy to write front end code.

Do not switch to the SQL native driver (p2ssql.dll), Seagate/Crystal Decisions recommends that you do not use this driver.  Instead use ODBC (as you do) or OLE DB would be even better.

However changing drivers is not something that relates to you issue.

The reason you are receiving the error 'Server not yet openned' seems to be because you are not providing the report with a datasource.

Try taking a look at 'Data Source' in the developer's helpfile.  I don't have the file or some sample code here.

Or see if you have mispelled your report declaration:

**From the Crystal Decisions Web Site ***

This error appears because the report object was declared incorrectly as:

Dim report as CRAXDDRT.Report

To resolve this error message, declare the report object as:

Dim report as CRAXDRT.Report

Note: =======

Craxddrt.dll is used to create reports at runtime while craxdrt.dll is used to view and alter existing reports.


Hi gvgs98 & gawilson2000

Thanks for your quick respond. I notice one thing that the above mentioned problem has only arise when I try to run a parameter based report. For a non-parameter report, it works fine. I have a stored procedure in my SS7 DB, which will accept two parameters on both Date Datatype

1. From date 2. To date

Now When I create report through the report wizar, it ask me for the parameter value. I don't know how to skip this. For the time begin, I enter fake values and from the Design View, I clear the values. When I run the report from CR, it gives me the exact result. Now I would like to accept the parameter values from the user through my application instead of CR parameter value prompt. So I use crReport.EnableParameterPrompt = False. When I try to pass my own parameter from VB app., the above mentinoed error generates. Is this much info is enough to solve my problem.

Pls guide me, how to create a Parameter based report.

Thanks & Regards
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Lets say you have 2 fields in your VB app thru which u are passing the data parameters : txtDate1 and txtDate2

In you code write the following command :

report.parameterfields.item(1).addcurrentvalue =

report.parameterfields.item(2).addcurrentvalue = txtdate2.text

Try it

Pl. ignore my comment. It was send to u by mistake.


Hi gawilson2000

Thanks for your link, which help me to solve my problem. Also I got adequete knowledge about passing parameters. I recreate my crystal report which connect to my db through a DSN. Last time I use the option of MoreDatabase option while connecting to server. Also thanks to rituarora & gvgs98.

Thanks & Regards
Glad to be able to help.

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Hi gawilson,

I have one more question to ask. How can I print the crystalreport file directly to the printer without viewing it. When I try CRViewer1.PrintReport, nothing comes out.

I have not played with VB for a long time.

It used to be the case that you would set the 'Action' property to a different value for straight to printer.

Are you using this property?

Is there not a destination property?  Does the developer help file help?
I just found this code, it may help:

    CrystalReport.Destination = crpToPrinter
Write the following statement :

report.printout = false

It would print the report without prompting the user
How have you gone with this?


Yes gawilson2000

I got it, thanks for your kind help. All the best.


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