How do I save the contents of a picture box?

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I want to save the contents of a PictureBox which has had lines drawn on it etc. I want the user to save the image that is there. I have tried the following code:

---- Start of Code ----
Private Sub btnSavePicture_Click()
Dim sFile As String

 With dlgCommonDialog
        .DialogTitle = "Save Image As..."
        .CancelError = False
        .Filter = "Windows Bitmap Image (*.bmp)|*.bmp"
        If Len(.FileName) = 0 Then
            Exit Sub
        End If
        sFile = .FileName
    End With

SavePicture picView.Image, sFile
sbStatusBar.SimpleText = "Picture saved to " & sFile
End Sub
---- End of Code ----

This saves a blank image for some reason, with the correct size 8-(

I hope you can help.


P.S. When I minize and then restore, the image dissapears. I have a sub routine that draws the image, so could i set it to redraw on restoring of the window.
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Try turning autoredraw on before drawing your picture

picture1.autoredraw = true

The reason for this is that the image is the underlying memory bitmap.  Autoredraw automatically assigns the picture to the underlying bitmap when it is set to true.

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