RH8.0 and Apache 2.0.43

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Fresh install of Redhat 8.0, without the bundled apache rpm.

Downloaded and compiled the apache 2.0.43 source, as per the instructions on the apache site - in the documentation section; ./configure, make, make install,...

when i run apachectl start i get a msg saying that it was unable to find a fqdn, and is using

As the machine is on a LAN, and does not have a domain pointing to it (at the moment), what should i set the fqdn to be? (and where do i set this?, i've looked in httpd.conf but couldnt find it)

I have added Listen to the httpd.conf file, but i still get the same msg.

When i try to access the default website, either locally or over the LAN (same subnet) i get 'connection refused'.

This is not a firewall issue as i have tried it with the firewall set to 'allow all' on all interfaces in&out bound (obviously only a temporary setup until i get apache working!)

A list of running processes shows that httpd isnt running, which explains why i could not access the website...the question is why isnt it running? What do i need to change?
-i've only been using linux a few months so give a few details or links to more info as part of the answer please :)

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you can configure your FQDN in /etc/hosts. enter or change a line like this:    <hostname>.<domainname>    <hostname>

you can check your success with the command dnsdomainname.


The ServerName directive is what is giving you trouble.  Set it to and apache should startup just fine.
Asem, spot on. Thanks a lot.

picoj, had already set the ServerName directive to, forgot to mention that in my original post. Thanks anyway.

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