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  I'd like to write a program that I could send files with through the internet.
  first of all, it is new to me to use delphi to access the internet, I've wrote only offline programs before...
  I tried to create a simple tcp connection with tcpclient and tcpserver components, but setting localhost and remotehost and port, and calling open methods didn't work (I wanted to see that tcpclient1.connected is true)...
  so, please let me know how to start about getting connected, and how could I send files in the most simple way? anyway, is it a good way to use tcp protocol?
  thank you for your help very much in advance!
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Start by getting ICS from (free download).  I have found them to be the most reliable, most complete, and highest performing internet connectivity components.

Next, decide what exactly it is you are trying to do.  There are about a half dozen ways to move data around that I can think of that qualify as "send files over the internet", without even trying.

TCP (Transaction Control Protocol) is the layer of the seven layer ISO Model that is responsible for ensuring a reliable connection between machines.  

Typically, to transfer files, HTTP or FTP are used, although SMTP with MIME encapsulation also qualifies.  For terminal style communications, telnet is used.  These application layer protocols sit on top of and presume upon TCP's functionality.


swift99, thank you for your really fast answer :)

I'm going to download ICS and see how it looks. I'd like to do the following: this whole thing is for my thesis, I'd like to write a simplified p2p file-transfer program for schools (with one server), so they should be able to share documents, presentations, etc over the net. it is not necessary to resume files but it would be nice. first step: to send a single file... FTP would be okay, wouldn't it? I'm trying to find the most simple way possible.

ICS ... drop an FTP server onto one form and an FTP cleint onto another.

Cheers  ... :o)


thanks :)

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