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I have a pc-chips clone P4 motherboard (M930LR)with a 1.7.ghz celeron CPU. The problem is that more often than not when powering up, the pc will not boot. No error messages are displayed,just a blank screen, and then after 30 seconds or so, the PC  powers down. I'm not sure wether it might be a power supply unit problem or possibly a video card problem. The video card is an SiS AG315E-32 AGP card. Eventually the PC will boot normally. Any help would be much appreciated.
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for starters try reseating the memory and the video card.
i would recomend clearing the nv-ram via jumper
you can find instructions for this in your mbd user book

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If neither works, I would suspect a flakey power supply or motherboard or VGA card.

Can you try a different vGA card ?

 I hope this helps !
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What devices do you have in your system? (HDD, CD-ROM, etc.)
What wattage is your power supply? (250Watts, for example.)

A customer of mine once had this problem, and it turned out he was trying to run too many devices with his current power supply of 250Watts. I upgraded him to a 350Watt power supply and that fixed the problem.
well.. not to be a bitter bob, but .. your first problem could be the 4th word in your question.. PC-CHIPS

I'm going with loose connections as your problem though...


thanks for everyone's input, as it turns out, it was a combined video/RAM problem. I replaced the video card and replaced one RAM chip, and voila, problem solved. Thanks everyone!!

great, glad your up and running
AJ_  - dont forget to point somebody


I wish I could give everyone some points, as you were all at least partially correct! but sorgie came closest. Once again, thanks for everyones help, the problem was driving me nuts!

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