Win2k did not load during installation - PLEASE HELP

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Dear IT experts,

I have problem completing a win2k server installation. The win2k startup failed to load (it just hung saying loading) after all files copied for the first time and rebooted. I waited for a long time so did the whole install again and same thing happened. How long does one need to wait or does it suppose to boot up very quickly for the first time?

Long time ago I had the same problem but I overcame it by installing it to NT4 then upgrade it to Win2K but that is too troublesome & time consuming. Can anyone offer your expertise? My motherboard is quite new so it support win2k for sure.

Thank you very much.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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The boot up time is quite fast.  Please provide more information on the hardware you are using. Is this a generic PC/server, NIC cards, video cards etc. Just because the motherboard is new does not mean everything will work. A host of things can cause this problem.  


hi imtechnical,

Thank you for your reply.

I am using:-

Magic pro 7VIP-AX2 2.0 motherboard with AMD Athlon XP1600 chip on a ATI rage XL video card, 780MB SDRAM, ISA 3com & PCI realtek networ k card, TDK CD Writer & generic DVD player.

Your problem is quite common. What error messages did you get? Your best bet is to go to the microsoft support W2K website to search for solutions. If failed, then come back here & ask for more help.

The boot up/load time for the first setup GUI menu is relatively fast. I would suggest you to copy the files again & run the setup. Sometimes if you have bad RAM it may not copy the file properly to your hard drive (bad pages) and your setup will fail.

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