Can Windows 2000 Advan Server's DNS be used as a DNS Server for a Website??

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I have got one registered domain name. I also have two IP addresses. I know i can use BIND for DNS Services but would like to use Win2000 Advance Server's DNS. I know with it I can create the two zones, Primary and Secondary and create forward & Reverse zones. The only question is the IP addresses to use. There is a part under the server name in win2k Adva Server in "DNS" which you can have it listen to all or certain IP addresses. Now, do I just enter the IP of my WAN or LAN of the server. Or even both. I also assume that once you enter the information when you first setup the DNS configuration in win2k adva server as domain name registered & name of server, it creates the name servers for you. For instance the server name is deja & my registered doamin name is So after I was finished, it created one NS as with the IP(LAN) of the server. The other I'm still working on. I assume that I give that NS to your registered domain with the IP associated with it. But I wondered if you  give the (WAN)IP instead. I'm a little confused about what IP do you give to the registered domain and that you configure with your two NS. Is it normal for each forward zone to have one NS? Basically have the idea but looking for the steps to go about it. Any help would be rewarded......
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Use 2 DNS Servers and set up DNS as you wish.

Give the 2 WAN (Internet IP) addresses to your Domain registrar who registered your Domain Name.


Got an update.. My websites work fines under my lan. So I know that win2k advan server's dns is resolving the name correctly under my lan network. But I know for fact that verizon is blocking port 80. So Im using windows proxy server to publish my IP on the net. I'm using linksys router. So I'm trying to use another port like 443 or 8001. So I have forward ports 80, 25, 443 & even 8001 to my internal IP of server 196.168.X.XX in linksys router. I have also configured IIS to also use port 443 or 8001. I also allowed for port 443 or 8001 to be open under proxy server. I also checked that my correct wan of my dsl modem has been given to my registered domain. So i have tried 443 & 8001 ports for my website. But neither works. The only thing left is DNS. now do i have to write a script in it to use port forwarding??? What I'm trying to do is send those on ( to ( or 8001) which ever one works...
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DNS cannot forward ports. The DNS structure does not allow for that sort of thing. This is called port forwarding.

Please read these articles about your Linksys Router to learn more about port forwarding on a Linksys Router. They are not specifically for your situation but should help in understanding port forwarding on a Linksys router.
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