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I am having a problem with the search result:

I have one main form to create documents.  From the main document, you can create a sub document which inherits the UNID of the main document (the type of the form to create the sub document is Document, not Response).

The view for the search is based on the form for creating the sub documents.  I modified the view so one column shows the title of the main document and it links to the main document instead of the sub document.  Now the problem is, when 2 or more sub documents contain the same keyword, the search result will show all the sub documents with the same keyword.  Since they all only show the main document title and link to the main document, the search result seems not making any sense.  I want to know if there's a way I can modify the search result so it will show only one link for all the sub documents?

The search will be used in the web based nsf file.
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I don't know if its considered blasphemy, but in a fit of self promotion I should point you to my website because I have a product which is designed around web search issues people have.  Its purpose is to give you the control over the results to a very high degree, and also to let you search multiple notes databases and return a single result containing exactly those documents you want.

The problem you're having is common -- the search, by default, just gives you back the documents but in a poor order for most people, and with little control over the display.

You could create and execute the search in script, then parse the results.  That's what I did for my product.  To do that, use NotesView.ftsearch or notesdatabase.ftsearch.
oh, didn't include the URL --
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