How to become a good or better vb programmer

therooster used Ask the Experts™
I am new to vb and i want to master this language
from the beginning to advance.
How can i achieve that? can you give me sites for beginners and advices in my ambition?
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Hi, therooster

the best way to become proficient in something is the same regardless of programming, drawing, singing etc.
it involves practice, learning, then applying it

i would suggest that u go to and look at some of the code there.
it would be ideal if u can look at the description of what a particular code does, but do not look at the code, and write the code urself

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   Becoming a master in any language needs self work. You can learn by yourself. I better recommend you a book called "Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6.0 in 28 Days" for your beginner experience. And for your expert experience I will recommend you a book called "Mastering Visual Basic 6.0".

   And ofcourse, if you want to learn online there are lot of free resources are the visit the following sites :-

With Regards,

A. Srinivasan Paul Joseph
Mike McCrackenSenior Consultant
Most Valuable Expert 2011
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Do you have any formal training in programming?
What kind of programming do you want to do?

I would recommend you take a class.  You need to learn the basics of programming.  The language is unimportant but since you want to learn VB that would be my first choice.

Learning on your own is great but bad habits can creep in.  You need to learn how to design a program.  You need to learn about the programming structures and why and when they should be used.

Where do you work?  Do you know a programmer who could be your mentor?

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Éric MoreauSenior .Net Consultant
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In addition to all that was said before, I think that another thing is to read most of the questions and answer here. You will get a lot of experiences.

I would say refer MSDN the best resource  

Good Luck...
If you already know the concepts of programming, I'd highly recommend learning the standards of VB.  It seems that few programmers know/apply them, and this often leads to future confusion.  Generally, newcomers stumble through the language and create their own "standard" until they get comfortable with the language.  Since these will be shifting as you learn the language and attempt to overcome problems with the standards you created, you might as well follow what good programmers have already determined to help with successful programming.

For example, learn the naming convention standards, learn about the "standard" controls and how they work and when to use them, and learn about different module types (standard, forms, classes and user controls.)

Also, since VB6 is probably going to be replaced by VB.Net, you should probably heavily invest time learning that environment.

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