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Hi... new and very much a novice to computer technology, so any help is enormously appreciated.
I found the tickler exe in my temp files (with the help of my Norton Internet Security program).  Anyway, I found the thread here regarding going to the msconfig and unchecking it, but my problem is that, since I am such an ignoramus, I am not sure where to find or access the msconfig file and how to go about getting rid of this vile little pest!
Can anyone please let me know (in dummy terms) how to get rid of this, step by step?
Thanks so much!
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go to start --> run and type msconfig, then click on the startup tab, and uncheck it, reboot
then go to start -> find files and folders type it in, make sure subfolders is checked, and search for it, then when it finds it, click once to highlight it, right click and choose delete, then empty the recycle bin
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gator spyware is what tickler.exe is. it comes attached with games so if you are playing games find out which one contains it.
you can get rid of it by using ad-aware or pest patrol as it is probably resident in your registry. also in run type in msconfig and remove it from your start up processes as it is probably there also.
hope this helps, all the best
go here
and get ad aware
run it
Note: some freeware will not run if you remove the spyware attached to it
a slick work around is to get zonealarm
install it, and then do not allow the spyware to access the internet. the freeware will still run, but the spyware will not be able to send it's data
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PS ad aware and zone alarm are free for personal use
Awarding the question to stevenlewis, for an excellently complete answer to the problem.  (Now I've got to figure out which of his comments to pick as the answer.)

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