How to use a telephone handset as mic and speaker for pc?

jimmy00784 used Ask the Experts™
i have seen many people use telephone handsets for mics and speakers for their pcs.
i wish to do the same.
if any one here can help me????
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there is a sound card feature called "TAD-In" which is "Telephone Analog Device" -- depending on your computer configuration, you may have to have a bypass cable going from your MODEM into your SOUND CARD (sound card would probably have a "TAD" connection.

Are you SURE these are actually telephone headsets?  The do make computer compatible speaker/mic devices that LOOK LIKE telephone handsets but in fact are not.

Is this what your talking about?

You can hook one of these up and simply use your modem to dial out.
I have used this product before and I think it is the best one on the market.
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thanks for the comments guys....
i'd like to add that my modem is inernal...
its a rockwell chipset modem with builtin sound card (wave artise)...
it is an ISA device.....
it has only one jack for telephone cable unloke the new cards with 2 cables...
i still need help..
then your going to have to go with the sound card headset hookup that joshbert shows, since my solution (real telephone headset) requires a modem with an "in and out" port

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I agree, please award points to joshbert, as he gives the correct answer for a modem with only 1 jack. - You *must* use sound card hookups in that situation.

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