Scrolling a Frame in the form

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How can I scroll verticall a frame in the form.
If my form contain a few frames .
For ,example :

How can I scroll Frame3 up to the frame2 (and disapear)
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   Dim lTopPosition As Long
    For lTopPosition = Frame3.Top To Frame2.Top Step -1
        Frame3.Top = lTopPosition
        'Put sleep function here

    Frame3.Visible = False
Note:  You will probably want to put a sleep function in here so you can actually see it happen on a faster machine
Public FrTop1 As Integer, FrTop2 As Integer, FrTop3 As Integer, ScrollNeed As Integer
Private Sub Form_Load()
    FrTop1 = Frame1.Top 'Getting the original position
    FrTop2 = Frame2.Top
    FrTop3 = Frame3.Top
    ScrollNeed = Frame3.Top + Frame3.Height - Me.ScaleHeight ' Getting the full size of the scroll
End Sub

Private Sub VScroll1_Change()
    frNewTop = (ScrollNeed / 100 * VScroll1.Value) ' Getting the new virtual 0 or Top of the form
    Frame1.Top = FrTop1 - frNewTop 'moving the frame
    Frame2.Top = FrTop2 - frNewTop
    Frame3.Top = FrTop3 - frNewTop
End Sub

Valera, do you want scroll the frames with a Scroll Bar or use a visual efect to put a frame over the others?

I sugest to use Tab Dialogs instead the use of scrolling in the form, becouse is too much clean for the user.

Sorry by the grammatical error, I speak spanish. I can talk in English but like Tarzan. Corrections are welcome.
Good Luck.

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to  twalgrave,
what does it mean to put a sleep function ?


to Deja-vu ,
it's  not working as I wanted it's moving on frame2 and clear it .
And I want that it will slowly disappear
Put this declaration in your code(general declarations):
Private Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" Alias "Sleep" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)

Then call it like:
call Sleep(500) - sleeps for a half second

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