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I need to write a script with crontab to send a banner note to remind that it is Friday the 13th.
I know it looks like 0 0 13 * 5 ...but what's the follwoing?  And how to put it in script and run it? Anyone can help me?
Thanks a lot!
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> ...but what's the follwoing?
any valid Bourne-shell command.

> And how to put it in script and run it?
write it in a file

In your cron you use your fale like this:

0 0 13 * 5 /bin/sh /path/to/your-file

(there are more ways to do it, that's just one)

1. type "crontab -e" - this will allow you to edit your crontab file
2. add the following line:
0 0 13 * 5 /home/you/reminder
assuming that /home/you/reminder is a script that reminds you
3. to verify type "crobntab -l"
Create a file, say /home/friday_the_13th, and type on it:

#This will use /bin/sh to execute this file

#you can echo your message to stdout
echo "It's Friday the 13th, etc, etc."


That's it. Then on the command line, make your script executable.

> chmod 777 /home/friday_the_13th

Then enter it in crontab:

>crontab -e

If you want to be reminded at exactly 12 midnight, enter this at crontab:

0 0 13 * 5 /home/friday_the_13th

Or if you want to be reminded every hour of the day:

0 * 13 * 5 /home/friday_the_13th
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Incidentally, depending on which Unix you use, specifying day-of-month AND day-of-week can cause cron to run the command on both, i.e. every 13th of the month AND every Friday (Although this is only supposed to happen if you specify a range).

If may be better to leave the day-of-week out of cron, and have your script test if it is a Friday...
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