problems installing o/s on new computer

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i've just finished building a new pc...but cant install xp home, the drivers load then stops at 'setup is installing windows'
loading a startup disk from floppy works ok but '98 setup wont run, no point trying xp as that does not run from dos...but if i try from '98 cd the cd rom driver install stops about 1/2 way through and i get an arrow pointing right...

jetway 830cn
duron 1.3/256m
40 gig maxtor fireball 3
liteon 40x12x48
h/d on ide0 jumper-master
cd on ide1 jumper-master

tried master/slave config on ide0, another cd luck,
system works fine with different h/d ('98 installed) tried using this h/d to install onto..still the same problem..

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go to and down load boot floppies for loading XP and try it.
I have had problems before loading from CD and I loaded all of the Win98 directory contents onto the hard drive and installed from there.  Try this.
boot on CD.
FDISK /mbr to replace the master boot record
FDISK and remove and replace the partition
copy d:\win98\*.* c:\cabs

This is if the CD drive letter is D.  It should get 98 up and running.  I wouldn't suggest XP unless you get 98 installed and it passes the compatibility checker.

After wasting my time with Windows Startup disks and manufacturers bootdisks, I decided to make my own bootdisk with generic CD-ROM and Mouse drivers. To create the bootdisk, format a floppy at the Command Prompt on a machine running Windows 98 first edition (version 4.10.1998) using the command format a: /s. The download the zip I made from Unzip the file to A:\. You must format the floppy as described before unzipping the files to the floppy. I would also use the floppy to create a partition on the drive and format the new partition. I have not had problems installing since creating this bootdisk. Good luck and let me know if it works.
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I forgot to add that once you format the drive, install Windows 98. Once 98 is running properly, install XP from the XP CD. I just followed this procedure to setup a machine I built and it worked with no problems.

The link didn't work properly. Let's try that again:


Thanks to all for the help...

I have now connected the h/d and cd on seperate channels jumpered for cable select, this has solved a lot of my problems, however when i try to install '98 the programs hangs while running also hangs at 'setup is installing windows' in xp which i guess is the start of scandisk, i copied the '98 cabs to the h/d and run them from there, this gave me a 'serious error writing to disk' error, this makes me think that boot disks wont help the problem.

Thanks again....

I still think you should try installion from boot floppies

If you copied the cabs to hard drive and got that error you are looking at some pretty MAJOR problems.  The first thing you should do is reset the BIOS back to defaults.  Maybe that will help.  You also may be looking at hard drive problems (the most likely source) or CPU or mobo problems.


I've just sent the mobo back for testing, and will try the h/d on another pc the results here a.s.a.p
If this does not help then i will try installation from boot floppies, but i strongly suspect this is a h/w prob.

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