What Software do we need in order to run our own Windows 2000 Proffesional Server

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dear sir,

i am running a windows 2000 professional OS on my computer and I wanted to run my own web server in it like dns and all those necessary softwares to run a domain name . could you please tell me that what software are necessary to run a simple windows NT 2000 Proffesional server which can set it up a mail server, dns server, virtual hosting support and so on.

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From what you're said above, you need nothing more than Windows 2000 Server itself.

The only thing that you might need in addition to that would be a MAIL SERVER.  Windows 2000 Server includes an SMTP mail server but NOT a POP3 server for email delivery to end-users.  If you do need such a thing you have many options.  I'm partial to MDAEMON (http://www.mdaemon.com) but that is by no means the only possible solution.


ok, could you please refer me to some guide which can be helpfull in setting up my own local server. which can help me in setting up like DNS, and other things.

It's all in W2K.  I suggest one of the many excellent Windows 2000 Configuration books to get you started.

ALmost everything you need to do is supported by the "Configure My Server" wizard in Win2000.  once you have it installed (or as a part of the process of installing) you'll find this makes it quick and easy to setup almost everything.

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