Notes client won't send SMTP mail w/ attachments!!

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I'm using a Notes client for POP e-mail, so I have a POP "account" for receiving & an SMTP "account" for sending mail.  All usually works fine, but when I try to send a large e-mail, or just about ANY attachment (even a small one) I get "the network operation did not complete in a reasonable amount of time"!
If I try to send the exact same attachment, from the same PC, but using Netscape Communicator, it goes through just fine!!  (So, it would seem to NOT be an ISP restriction or anything like that.

I have tried increasing my TCP/IP timeout (no help), and can't think of what else to try.

Any ideas out there?
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Well...indeed it appears to be a bug!!  I (painfully) rolled back to Notes 5.0.8 and sure enough I can send attachments again!
I have reported it to Lotus QA as a bug in Notes 6 and probably in 5.0.10 as well, based on the discussion on the BP Forum.
Thanks for the tip, Arun!
No problem.
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I get all the points with excellent grading ?  LOL !



I was wondering myself how that would work...I'm new here.

Will the Moderator please advise:
Does the comment qualify as an "answer," since it didn't "Solve the problem?"  Then again, there is no "solution" until Lotus fixes Notes...and, I can send mail again...

Yes!  here in EE only comments are allowed and if you decide any of our comments solves your problem (or atleast stop you from wasting more time in finding a solution) then you can click on "accept comment as answer" and grade the solution accordingly.

If you want to delete the question then you can post a request linking to this question in the community support and they will take care refunding the points to you in full.

Good Luck!


Lotus has confirmed that there is a bug, so we can end the speculation, and yes, award Arun some easy points!


Commented: "excellent" answer in being prompt and apparently correct.  It doesn't really help me, but I guess I can't blame Arun for that!

(Next time I'd better check that myself, eh?)

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