MSJET40.DLL (SP6) bug ?

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Hello All,

I am trying to use MSJET to access M$ access DB. I was told that the
Ms Jet SP5 has a few bugs in it.

I upgraded to SP6, and I use purify and debug my program. I still see
a lot of invalid memory pointing in the msjet40.dll . This will eventually
crash my application after several thousand calls from the APP to DB.

Sample Error :

[I] MAF: Memory allocation failure of 1048576 bytes in msjet40.dll {3
        Request to reserve 1048576 bytes at 0x0ba90000 failed
        Address 0x0ba90000 points into private memory

This is occur EVERYTIME if you include the 'where' clause in your SQL
statement. I use ODBC (not DAO) to establish the connection.

Can some Microsoft people look into this ? or at least someone here
can give me some pointer to report this bug ?

Thank you

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I haven't run across this problem before, but from the sound of things, this first part:

>I still see a lot of invalid memory pointing in the >msjet40.dll . This will eventually crash my application >after several thousand calls from the APP to DB.

might be a resource leak.  Make sure you are closing all recordsets, or better still setting them back to nothing before reopening them.

Have you considered the upgrading the ODBC driver?  Have you tried calling the ODBC driver asynchronosly?

If it is a bug...we have tried reporting one to MS previously.  We were informed that if we wanted to pay them a whole lot of money per year, then they would be happy to let us report bugs to them!  

Basically Microsoft lump bug reporting in with support.  Report your problem to one of the better known magazines that deal with microsoft and it will probably come to the attention of microsoft eventually, if enough people complain and it is a serious enough problem!

Hope some of that helps.

Peter Drew
First Strike Solutions


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