Forgotten Windows XP System Administrator Password

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A few days ago, I restarted my home computer and logged on to Windows XP.  It prompted me to change my system administrator password, so I did.  Now I can't remember it, and have been logging on through the guest option.  Is there any way of retrieving it?  I tried to change it by right clicking my computer,manage,users, administrator - it denied me access.

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There is another question about the same issue posted in this topic. Just look for it and try the comments that were sugested. It seems that it a common error that happens all the time.

from CrazyOne:
"MS has addressed some of the forgotten password issues with XP. However they are of little use if the user hasn't done their homework and created the reset disk. Most users don't even know this feature exists in XP. Interestingly enough although MS has at least addressed this issue they still left the backdoor wide open that the afore mentioned tools can exploit. I personally think these tools are legitimate and I have no qualms about informing users of these tools. Sure they can and are used by unscrupulous people (and these type of people probably already know how to break the security anyway) but people who have legitimate reasons for using them ought to be made aware of these tools so they don't have to reinstall the OS.  

HOW TO: Create and Use a Password Reset Disk for a Computer in a Domain in Windows XP;en-us;Q306214

HOW TO: Create and Use a Password Reset Disk for a Computer That Is Not a Domain Member in Windows XP;en-us;Q305478 "

from Mishou:

use the reset password disk

from Pete:

"ERD Commander allows you to boot straight from CD avoiding activating the HDD. There is an untility to change the password of any user with knowing their password! Extremely good! "

Hope this help

I have tried Linux bootdisk (free) and ERD Commander2002 (About US$600). They both get the job done by resetting the Local Admin Password or any other local user.

I prefer the Linux bootdisk as it is free and fast. Download the files from:

Unzip and copy bd011022.bin and rawrite2.exe in the same directory.

Insert a blank floppy and open DOS mode and go to the directory and use this command:

rawrite2 -f bd011022.bin -d A:

When booting from the Linux Bootdisk, accept the defaults by pressing Enter. I have used it numerous times even on XP and I didn't disable SysKey so I recommend you don't disable SysKey if it asks you.

The default password it would reset is the local admin which is what you want. Reset the password and take out the disk and reboot.

Additional information about using the Linux bootdisk is at as mentioned above.
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