Adobe Premiere vs. Studio 7/8 Deluxe w/Pinnacle AVDV Card

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I am new to the world of video and am looking for input on the above products.  I currently use Adobe Photoshop & ImageReady, so I am leaning toward Premiere.

I captured my first image easily with Adobe Premiere.

Capturing with Studio 7/8 isn't as intuitive.

On the other hand it appears that Studio 7/8 with Hollywood FX Plus might be an option with the added features.

I have points to burn, so I'll pass multiple 50 points around generously to those that provide good solid working input.

Thanks in advance,

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Out of the two Premiere is your best bet. Better support, better integration with PS etc, and something of a standard. However most people that used to use Premiere have since made the jump to FinalCut Pro. Something you may want to consider down the road if you really get into it.


You get the points, I think I'll learn both to be able to make an imformd decision.  I've played with Studio 7 and so far it does everything I want to do and more.

I have yet to find a way in Premiere to capture from an analog device such as a VCR.

Thansk again for your input.

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