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i have netlife payment server installed on win NT operating system with IIS as the web server.There is configaration tab in the payment server where i input the ip address(configure so as to access payment server  from  outside using ip or domain).if the payment server is behind the firewall it doesnt work and i am not able to access the server using the ip address, but it will work if i put the payment server outside the firewall and access it.

 I want to know how to access the payment server behind the firewall when i configure it to  ip address.
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and your question is what ?
You want to know how to be able to access the server behind the firewall ?


You want to know how to secure your IIS server if it's connected directly to Internet ?

More details (or at least try to be more specific) in what you want/need .

I assume your IIS server is either in a DMZ or outside the firewall.  When the payment server is local, communication is not a problem.  When its moved inside the firewall, the firewall needs to know how to route the data.  Basically, you'll need to open up whatever ports the software uses on the firewall and be sure there's an access-list setup that lets the web server access the payment server.  The commands will vary depending on model of the firewall.  For a PIX, you'll basically need a NAT command, a static command and an access-list for the web server and appropriate port.
More than likely, a port is blocked, (see above). If your product will not tell you (then it is bad, throw it away, IMO), here is a trick:  Get the ZoneAlarm personal firewall S/W. Try to run program now. Get relevant popups, review logs, and you should now know more of why you are being blocked. (it records, informs you of what was blocked, go from there)
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