implementing stacks in visual basic

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hi all,

can some one let me know how to implement stacks in visual basic?i would be more than happy to have that piece of code.thanks in advance

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A stack is nothing more then a array. You always pick the latest item. You can get it using the UBOUND function.
Using a collection might be easier, since you won't have to resize it. Just add items to the collection (they by default are added to the end) and then when popping, just remove the last item using the .Count property. Something like the following which I wrote freehand so it probably doesn't compile.

Class Stack

Private m_col as new collection

Public Sub Push(Value as Variant)
   m_col.add Value
End Sub

Public Function Pop() as Variant
  if m_col.count <> 0 then
     pop = m_col.item(m_col.count)
  end if
End Function

End Class

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