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I am a SCSI drive novice seeking some advice on how I should tackle the following.

I have new SCSI drive that I need to add to our Server, but I can't get the system to recognise it.

I have tried the following:
1) Simply plugged the drive in to the next SCSI connection on the cable (This did not pock up the drive at all)

2) Reorganising the drives on the cable. (This resulted in the Primary Drive not being found)

Can someone please help me out here?
Is there some software I need to run to get this working.

The LUN's being used are 2 and 6, with the SCSI terminaor set at 7

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Make sure your Primary or current SCSI drive is not Terminated on the drive itself.  And make sure the drive has a good SCSI ID set?  
What other devices do you have on here?



There are 2 other HD's on the cable.

At the furtherest end (from the motherboard) is the 2 extinsting drives.

Do the Jumper Settings matter with SCSI ?

How do I ensure that the Primary drive is not terminated and which drive will be the Primary in my case?

The jumpers on the drive determine its ID number.  Simply select a number that is not being used already.  This is done in a binary count fashion.  There are three jumpers for the ID for IDs 0-7.  Also check that the drive's jumper for termination is NOT selected.  Then put the drive on a connector somewhere in mid-chain.

Hi Wayne, I have been working on a compaq server, and I XP'd the same as you. I found out that my drive needed software called EISA (Extended Industry Standard Architecture) BUS: This is a PC bus standrd that extends the 16-bit ISA bus (AT Bus) to 32 bits and provides busmastering. I believe this is the solution to my issue, as I have 3 drive and the only difference is 1 does not have an EISA partition. the Jumpers are all physically in the same place and they are identical drives. So this is most certainly software related. I hope this information helps you. I have not tested this yet, but I will this week.

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Pleaseprovide more info.
1) Type of computer.

2) Type of SCSI card /RAID controller

3) Type of Drive ( WIDE, SCA what ? )
SCA drives have an integrated connector which includes the power.

SCSI ID's should normally be set from 0 through 6, 7 being the  Host adapter.

You may need to go into the SCSI controller BIOS and change some settings to get it recognized.

For general info - see - they have some great Docs !

I hope this helps !

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