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I would need advise for migrating Lotus Notes Server as I do not have any Notes administrator.

Currently, I have a Note server tapping onto another company resources. Their IP add segment is 172.10.x.x whereas mine is 192.168.x.x. My Notes server has a IP add of 172.10.x.x and i would like to migrate it to 192.168.x.x but still tapping onto their resources like SMTP Out and Mailsweeper. I would like to know that under this migration, what are the issue that I would need to take care of? I understand that there are some connection document and host file that need to be change. Prior to that, is it true that once I have an IP of 192.168.x.x that are able to ping to their NOtes server, Mailsweeper and SMTP Out Server, i am safe for the migration?

Please advise. Really apprecaiate the advise given. Thank you!

p/s; I am running out of points. therefore i only can rate 50 points  for my question. Sorry. How do i gain points?
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Ok.  There's good news here.

First, make sure you change any DNS records that point to the old address to point to the new one.

When you RE-IP the machine at the operating system level, you'll want to open the local notes client and edit the server document.   That will be in the Public Name and Address Book (names.nsf) on the server.

There is a view called "servers"  (actually, there's a category of views under server, and the one you want is also called "servers" -- so its "server\servers" if you see what i'm getting at.

Without getting into detail, just go through that document, it has lots of "tabs" with places to put things, and find and repace any occurance of the old address with the new.

Save that document.

If this is an R5 server, look under a view called "server\configurations" and change any occcurances of the IP address there as well.

Finally, as you say,  in "server\connections" you'll need to potential change any there (though probably not the connections on THIS server).  More likely, you'll need to make THAT change on whatever servers CONNECT TO this one.

Keep in mind there may be firewall changes for servers or users who connect to and from this machine as well.
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Also, since you are going to a different private IP Scheme, you need to make sure that you test all the stages and have a fallback option ( backup all the address books, and Notes.ini fil beforehand ).

Also check your Notes.ini file for the Old Ip address, as you may need to put the new one there also.

I hope this helps !

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