DNS on Solaris and Intel

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  If there is anybody with experience of maintaining their DNS servers on Intel based Solaris?

  If so I would like to know their opinions in terms of performance,stability,vulnerability etc...

  Well.In the real world,are there Intel based solaris systems used in server applications?

  Also how will you rate DNS server on Linux?


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DNS-servers on both Solaris and Linux are wideley
used. They are quite reliant.

Solaris is nearly as stable on Intel as on Sparc.

As you might have seen some securityproblems has been
found in DNS the past year but patches show up really
quick to these kind of problems.

If you like its quite easy to get thae latest version fronm
the net and put it in any UNIX/UNIX-like OS.

So if you got a PC, Linux is probably supported on more hardware whereas support on Solaris might be an advantage ( info and patches published on sunsolve.com)

In the end, its religion ...


So ?

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