How to use common dialog without placing the ocx control on the form

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i made this small function that will set the backcolor of a picturebox to the color selected in the color selector dialog of common dialogs. Now i used the common dialog control and have set it on my form, but i need to use this function in multiple forms, and i can't seem to find out how i can use commondialog without using the component , i mean without putting it on the form and using that one. So how can i do this ? (referencing)
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is the control on a form thats always available/loaded ? If so simply call to it.

for example, if your using an mdi setup, you'd put the CommonDialog control on the mdi form so that it'd be


then you'd just use it like from form1

pubic sub form1_load()
end sub


that's not what i was looking for, u would still have to use the control, but i found it myself

it's :
dim cmdialog as object
Set cmDialog = CreateObject("MSComDlg.CommonDialog")

that's what i was looking for :)

omg, im tired as hell, spent the past few hours posting in sql and db, lol
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as per request here

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