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hello everyone
i want to develop a software that mornitor my network runing on window 98 for all the client computer and win 200 runing on the server.what i want  is sample and test  code that can enable me from the server to detect any runing program on the client. for example notepad.exe, then if is not runing that client computer should be shut down or force to restart.Also at the end of the day the whole client computer should be shutdown from the server
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Hi Zaka,

What you propose to do is every system administrator's dream!! You will be the next Gates :)

Anyway jokes aside, I'm not much of a programmer myself. But I believe "service detection" can be done by SNMP polling. Similarly so can remote machine shutdown. I believe Microsoft have already released tools in their Windows 2000 CD [A folder named tools or utils].

Nevertheless, has a section on networking where details about SNMP programming using Visual C++ are present. Take a look and tell me.


PS: Now do I get a cut out of your billions, Mr. Gates??


Thanks so much for your comments and the encouragement navinquadros.Well the link you gave is good anway but the solution that i found there is on c++ as you said but iam not all that too good on c++.  I think you really deserve Grade(B). thank once again.
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G'day, zaka
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