Licensing my application for limited period

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I want to put a time of use limit for my application, how do I use license code for my application
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You can do this in various ways, one is:
 - step 1: create a file in windows system directory, with an common name (eg: sysdrv16.dll) in which you put install date and the last date your program has been accessed;
 - step 2: every time your application is starting, it is verifing the current date and the data from the above file. If something is not right, you can block your application for starting.

From this points, you can extrapolate and make a harder-to-hack protection (eg: put file in windows system, in windows registry and elsewere, and verifing every one of them as your application is starting.

in the windows registry isn't very hard to hack. a little bit of a 'computer freak' knows how to work with it and knows what kind of keys are used for some programs (i think... :-D) but if you use, like opreacatalin said, more protections it might be difficult. like the registry and a dll.
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  ProActivate from Turbopower will handle that, and it's powerful tool

you can find more tools in torry site
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IMO a good way is to make a faked GUID for your Application and put an Entry in the Classes Tree of the Registry. Below them you can Make Entrys with more Keys like GUID with hidden Time an use Counter and so on. After the first run, you store the GUID in a Persistent Store everywhere on the Harddisk or Database.

after each start you can verify the Information in Persitent Store and Key. If one of the Key or the Persitent Info is vanished you can say "Nice Try" and so on. Another benefit to store the information in database is, the user can't move the data to an other machine!

I recommend you: Start your verify-Lincense Process after everey run Timer delayed, so you prevent simply Hacking.


AVLOCK is a great protection which only requires 1 line of code.
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