Verifying drive integrity.  It just hangs...

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Am trying to reinstall winxp home.  I have no partitions set up.  ie  - empty.  I have not been able to install winxp home from the cd, so i am using a win98 boot disk.

Here's what I've done:
Create partition.  Create Primary DOS partition.

Now it starts verifying drive integrity.  It goes to 12%, then goes back to 0% where it stays, sometimes increasing again to 2% or 12%.  

So i switch the machine off.  Speaking with my manufacturer, i type c:/, and it comes up (which I'm told means there IS a partition).  But I viewed ALL the partition information and it clearly shows NO partitions.

And I'm not sure why I have to boot from win98 boot disk.  The WInxp  cd creates the NTFS RAW partition, then formats it, but then it can't copy some files from 95% onwards.
I've cleaned the disk and cdrom etc, and still the same results.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


I've also tried
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If you boot from a boot disk with CDRom support, its possible that when you switch to C:, you're looking at the CDRom drive.  Watch when you bootup and during the MSCDEX command in the autoexec, it will tell you what drive letter is assigned to the CDRom.

Also, try fdisk /mbr from the prompt to reset the master boot record.  Then run fdisk and hit "4" (I think) to display partition information.  If there are any listed, remove them and reboot. . .  then try your install again.

Good luck!

I'd guess the C: is the RAM disk, if you use a 98 boot floppy. You may have a HD problem here. Find out the manufacturer and run a diagnostic program to see if you have any irrecoverable errors.

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I would recommend that you download a diagnostic disk from your harddrive manufacturer's url. This will tell you right off where you are at and if
   you can recover from it. It may be under warranty, the hard drives are usually covered for three years and you can make out the RMA on their site
                     also. Depending on the manufacturer of the hard drive, you can download diagnostic utilities from their sites to check the drives.

I hope this helps !

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If your drive integrity check never finishes, and restarts as you describe, chances are high that you have damaged media on your hard drive too severe to skip over or to mark off as bad sectors.  I suggest a new hard drive is needed.

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