Migrating DL's from 5.5 to 2000

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I have a container on a 5.5 server which contains about 30 Distribution Lists. The DL's are composed of purely external SMTP addresses. I have a new test Windows 2000/Exchange 2000 domain.
My idea was to export the container/DL's to a csv file and then import them. However once I opened the exchange system manager on the 2000 box the "Groups" has only an export function.
I am probably doing this the wrong way but I need to re-create these DL's on the new site. BTW, these sites are on seperate networks.
Any suggestions appreciated
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You won't be able to export from the Exchange 5.5 directory and import into AD because the directory formats are different. Normally you could use the ADC to replicate from Exch5.5 to AD, but if you can't connect the two networks, this won't be an option.

I think you will be stuck manually creating the groups.

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