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I need volume control to my application. I don't want to use any other components, like controlling volume through mediaplayer or something. Could you give me an example.

I'm using VB6 sp5.

Thanks in advance!
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I got those codes (from first link) but I didn't get that other links app...

I tryed to use but I didn't get it work... I'm not sure if I used it right...

Is there an error generated or it just didn't work?  If you're having an error let me see the line the error occurs on.
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well, I just copied all those codes to my program. Then I tryed to use those functions lGetVolume and lSetVolume, but nothing happens.

I don't get any errors but nothing happens.

How should I use those functions? For example if I try to set volume? There is those parameters lLeftVol, lRightVol and lDeviceID. What should I put there? What is the purpose of those nSigned and lUnsigned functions? Behind other link there was some kind of discussion about values used by soundcard (max 65535) and according to that discussion, value depends what kind of soundcard is used...

Then of course I try to adjust volume by using slider. By the way, is there somewhere good place where to find different kinds of sliders?

many questions... well, as you can see I'm not actually professional programmer...:p

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