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I upgraded an HP Pavilion 4445 to Windows 2000, and all seems well thus far except for the Rockwell RipTide modem/sound combo.  In short, no sound.

I searched HP's website for the 4445, where they say that upgrading to Windows 2000 is not recommended.  OK, I can accept that..."not recommended" doesn't mean "not possible."  The spec sheet for the 4445 states that it uses the AMC97 codec for the controller on the RipTide combo card.

I have two solutions that I want to try:  (1) get the driver for the sound card working or (2) install a different sound card and disable the onboard sound card.

Has anybody gotten this combo to work, an dif so, how did you do it?

Dave (new to E-E)
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1.  If the driver is win2k compatible, then yes it will probably work.  If not then no it will not work.
2.  A different sound card may work, but you may not be able to disable the old onboard sound card without disableing or taking out the modem.  Does the modem work?
you can try going to the rockwell riptide website and see if they have win2k drivers...

try that and see.
I have tried upgrading 2 different HP Pavilions for friends to Win2k, and neither one of them works correctly, because of the modem/sound card issue.

As of now, 1 of them is XP Home and the other XP pro, and both of them appear to be functioning correctly...

If you don't need the modem, you can try disabling the sound card/modem and use a newer sound card. If you need the modem, we never found any drivers...

Glen A.IT Project Manager

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