maintaining a single printer on a network

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my business has a laser printer that all the computers use when printing.

how do I set up a system to stop other print commands when the printer is in use and other people send a print command.

some people are printing labels and some memo's.  this makes the memo's print on the label paper, causing a loss in special paper
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The best thing to do is if your printer has 2 or more paper trays, to load each with the different paper types.  Then set up a different print queue for each paper type.

ie) Label_Printer --> prints by default to tray 1 loaded with labels
    Regular_Print --> prints by default to tray 2 loaded with regular laser paper

If you have a printer with only one tray, you are out of luck and have to have people stop printing when special paper is in.

Hi Terry,

There is another solution for you troubles. You can add the printer on your server twice.

IE Setup the same printer with different names. such as.


Set the priority on the labels to have precedence over normal printed paper. This will mean that when your normal paper print jobs go to the printer they will be put on hold until after the labels have been printed.

Its still not a perfect system but it will reduce the wastage of label paper.

However the best option is as above get another tray.

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