Outlook 2002 hang when started from Word.

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The problem scenario is a bit complicated so please be patient with me.

Steps to repro:

0). Have a Outlook addin. When it's loaded, make sure it calls NameSpace.GetDefaultFolder.

1). Configure Outlook 2002 so that it uses manual connection and choose the connection type at startup;

2). Start a Word document. On the file menu, click on "Send to". It's supposed to start the Outlook.

3). When the Outlook starts, it pops up a message box saying how do you want to connect to exchange server: Connect, work offline, or cancel.

4). Click on cancel, then it hangs.

This problem only happens on Outlook 2002 since Outlook 2000 doesn't have cancel button.
What happened is that when the outlook loads the addin and executes the GetDefaultFolder, it invokes the connection Dialog Box. If you select cancel, it's stuck in the function and never returns.

If you starts the Outlook by itself, it won't have this problem since the connection box pops up before the addin is loaded.

Part of my question is that if there is a way to programmetically invoke the connection dialog box.

Your help is much appreciated.

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I'm a little confused so bear with me.  Have you gone into Outlook and changed you mail editor.  Either from Word to something else or to Word from something else.

Second, what happens if you tell it to either connect or work offline?


I didn't change my mail editor. But I start the Outlook Within the Word.

When it connects or works offline, it works fine. Only when I tries to cancel, it's stuck.




I have found the answer myself.

I am programming in C++. What I did is to open another thread to handle the opened dialog. So that the message could still go through the main thread and it won't hang.
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