run an exe from javascript

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We have a stituation were we want to run an EXE  from the client.  Is this posible? If so how is it done?
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you just can't... thank goodness it isn't possible!!!

that's how Internet security works... =0)
Is this for an Intranet or other local use?  If so, you can use the shell object, but you would get a security warning (unless you save it as an HTA -- in which case it would behave like an application).

No if it is for a web page (uless you can get the user to verify all sorts of security alerts)
Yes if it is for an Intranet or other local use

You don't even need javascript.  If you know the location of the file on the client side, you can just make an <a href=> link to the file on the client and he/she/it can access the link (through a click or program) and run the file that it is referenced to by clicking on it.  The user will have to answer "yes" to the security popup that follows, but that's about it.  It is not possible to run such things without at least one security alert.


Thanks for the assistance Alopedrii.  Yes this was for an intranet.  Which means that I'll try to implement it as an HTA.

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