How to make a textbox readonly? using JS

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Got a quick question, hope somebody can help me with this. I have a page, when user clicks on one of the buttons, it pops up another page. Based on some criteria in that pop up page, it will make one of the text boxes in the parent page, readonly. I am not able to get that. I tried the following code, I am not getting an error, but it is not making my text box readonly...

opener.document.forms[0].txtDescription.Readonly = true;

also I tried this one:

opener.document.forms[0].txtDescription.onfocus= "this.blur;";

I appreciate if anybody can help me with this...


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opener.document.forms[0].txtDescription.readOnly = true;
Note the spelling of readOnly


Thank U very much..
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The above is a great solution but it may not work with earlier versions of Netscape. What you can do is on the control itself, do this:

<inpu type=text name=txtDescription onFocus="javascript:blur()">

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