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How do I play counter-strike on a netware based server that has a firewall. I am a student at a boarding school that uses the netware based server which is a product of novell and I use Novell Client version 4.82.
Counter-strike uses UDP ports and it requires each user to have an individual IP address. Also NAT information is needed as I have heard from my network director. What ports need to be opened, mastersever IP's, any port mapping required, whats the deal with NAT, and how DO I PLAY COUNTER-STRIKE through this novell software??
Me and my clan want to roxors on counter-strike :P
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you'd have to get your network admin to open the ports needed on the firewall...the only problem is the port is determined by the host server you wish to play on.  you never know what port you'll be playing on.  you shouldn't have to do anything with Network Address Translating (NAT) to play...that's just to map a static IP to a machine with a private IP.  You WOULD need to use NAT if you were hosting your own which case you could decide the port # to play on, then you could tell the admin the port #...but there's no gaurantee anyone else would join your server to play.

 ~ MastaLlama ~

Get your network administer to configure the following ports:

Incoming UDP to local destination 27015.
Outgoing UDP to remote destination 27010, 27012.
Outgoing TCP to remote destination 5273.
Outgoing TCP to remote destination 7002.

Just give him those ports and he should do all the work. It's fairly simple really.

Then you could start playing. However if you don't have the support of the Admin you're out of luck. You could play using tunneling software such as HTTPTunnel but it's just too slow for online play and you'll be lagging like you came from last year. It's useful for things like kazaa though.


Is it really that easy kooheji?? No port mapping and stuff, but what about NAT isn't that an issue. And every player will need their own IP address how are we going to resole that one?
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I'm sorry if I said it's simple because I didn't see the word NAT in your first post. NAT makes it difficult :(

First of all add Incoming TCP 27015 .. actually this is the most important port. Most networks have all outgoing ports open so you only need to take care of this one.

In CS 1.3 and onwards you're okay from the client side, one pre 1.3 you need to add "+clientport 2700x" after the command line where x is a different number for each person joining the same server.

Now the ports you need, let's say 27015 needs to be opened. So you have to convince your network administrator to open that port in the firewall. It really won't cause as much security problems more than an open HTTP port.. This would have been easy

The NAT has to be configured to forward the ports to the individual machines. While you don't have to worry about IP addresses, the network administrator does. Anyway.. the best you can get is ONE machine connecting to a game only.. whether it's on DBZ or the ports are routed.. you can't get more than one machine to the same host.. which means you can all play online, but you can't join the same server..

Also each time you want to play you have to configure the NAT...

Theoretically one machine could connect to the game server, and all machines could connect to that machine but it's nearly impossible to do with counter-strike..

So if you just a have a simple proxy, it's easy.. if you have NAT.. it's nearly impossible..

If you network administrator is a good guy, then you should sit with him and resolve everything because he's the only person who can help. This issue will take lots time.. you need to try different configurations..

A friend suggested this to me.. Become a server, let your administrator put you on DBZ.. and then let everyone (from the internet and from within your network) join your game.. but still you need to set it up right, and it's really hard getting people to join your server..

I wish you'd say you don't have NAT.. During my first year of college we had a normal proxy server.. my net admin (who used to play with us) opened 27015 and things were great.. Then during the second year they installed NAT.. we tried playing for a whole month.. even when one person got through it was laggy.. I never played counter strike online from the dorms again..

So good luck.. and remember the net admin is your best friend.


Wow thanks kooheji. Ya I no this network admin is my best friend :) cause his all we got. But anyway man that sucks we can't join the same server and we are a clan and need anyways thanks kooheji at least you tried answering my question so I'll give you these here PoInTs.
pEaCe, if you got any further info on how to help koo just post it here, cause I check like everyday..(shows how desperate we are to play hah) or email me at -------------------------->
Hello, firstly, I would like to ask kooheji if he has ever been to University of Kent, second , how can i use http tunnel for playing cs!?! is there anything particular i should enter in the options and settings? Thank you.

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